About Metalco

Metalco is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum and stainless steel kitchen sinks in Malaysia. Being established in April 1980, Metalco has begun to produce standard and custom built design kitchen sinks which meets the needs of local and oversea markets. Metalco has been committed to quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Our quality products have always balanced durability, value and style. To date, our brand name of ‘metalco’ and “m” sinks has really garnered wide market acceptance and popularity with excellent quality and competitive price.


Metalco brings to our customers more than 23 years of experience in kitchen sink production. AISI 304 18/8 Grade stainless steel (18% chrome and 8% nickel) is the preferred content for our stainless steel sinks. The 18/8 stainless steel is completely hygienic, will not rust and will maintain its appearance muchlonger than lesser grade steel. We offer thickness from 0.4mm to 0.7mm in different sizes of your preference with lay-on, up-turn, inset, dept size and sink waste with overflow safety.

Metalco has stood to its continuing goal to be always price competitive with any comparable product in any market. You can be assured of Metalco’s commitment to its customers, with excellent sales support, product quality and price.

The Unique Selling

The unique selling benefit of Metalco is its excellent services and pricing. The longevity of the company, stability and its long-standing reputation as a maker of quality kitchen sinks make our brands the greatest selling advantage.